My primary historical interests are Jewish History and Military History, but as with most SCA members I am interested in just about anything Medieval.

My current focus in the area of Jewish History is Medieval Spanish or Sephardic History. Jews whose origins go back to Medieval Spain are referred to as Sephardi while those from Eastern Europe are called Ashkenazi.

Medieval Jewish History

Chronology: Medieval Spain 410-1492

The Jews of Islamic Spain

Samuel Ha-Nagid 

Abraham Ibd Daud: On Samuel Ha-Nagid, Vizier of Granada

The ibn Alfakhar family 

The ibn Zadok family

Las Siete Partidas: Laws on Jews, 1265

Ordinance of the Jews of the Crown of Aragon, 1354 CE

Synod of Castilian Jews, 1432

The Expulsion from Spain, 1492 CE


The Crusades

I have found an excellent online introduction to The Crusades. It was created by Dr. E.L. Skip Knox as part of a virtual course offered at Boise State University

The Major Crusades

Other Crusades and topics