There are many period training manuals now available on the Web. I will try to keep this listing as up-to-date as possible. Each manual will open up in its' own window.

Manual Description Source
Fiore Dei Liberi -"Flos Duellatorum in Armis" Flos Duellatorum, or "The Flower of Battle" is one of the most important Medieval fighting manuals. HACA

Hans Talhoffer - "Fechtbuch aus dem Jahre 1467" The work is a catalog of fencing actions and consists of illustrations with short descriptions for the two-handed sword, sword and buckler, sword and shield, dagger, wrestling, pollaxe, judicial combat, and mounted combat. AEMMA

"Le Jeu de la Hache " A 15th century Treatise on the Technique of Chivalric Axe Combat. HACA